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Ernie and The Top Notes - Dap Walk (Mr. Boom Remix) (Nola Breaks)

Nola Breaks Vol. 7
A: Ernie and The Top Notes, Inc. - 'Dap Walk' (Mr Boom Remix)
B: Skip Easterling - 'I’m Your Hoochie Koochie Man' (Professor Shorthair Remix) 

(Nola Breaks)

Well now, here’s something to brighten up your Monday morning. If you thought Professor Shorthair was resting on his laurels, maxin’ and relaxin’, perhaps if the mood took him taking the occasional dive in the pool of gold coins in Superjock Records Towers then you’d be sorely mistaken. Fake news! The opposite in fact is true. You see, The Prof’s been busy in the lab. On volume 7 of Nola Breaks, he’s buddied up with New Orlean’s favourite Hoochie Koochie Man himself Skip Easterling and with the aid of some of Brother J’s tribal jam and peanut butter sandwiches for sustenance to aid the creative flow, they’ve released another DJ friendly secret weapon that will give every jock that gives it a spin superpowers (the name of the record label is no coincidence!).

Parisian Mr. Boom on the other hand joins forces with Ernie and The Top Notes. Inc with their appeal to ghetto brothers to join them in the dance on this stone cold classic entitled ‘Dap Walk’. Mr. Boom embellishes the cut and fine tunes the original for the dance floor. Watch this one go off!

Strictly limited to 500 white vinyl copies, secure your copy today via the Superjock Records bandcamp page: https://superjockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nola-breaks-v-7-mr-boom-professor-shorthair-dap-walk-b-w-im-your-hoochie-koochie-man