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Fleamarket Funk's 'BIG UPS' with Greg Belson

Thanks to Jamison Harvey over at Fleamarket Funk for the interview....here's Greg Belson answering the questions for the 'Big Ups' blog....be sure to check out the other DJ's too that have contributed.

"If there ever was a busy DJ, it’s Greg Belson. The globetrotting selector of soulful and funky music splits his time between the States and Europe each year moving from festival to festival and every gig in between. A member of the 45 Live Crew, and a respected member of the DJ community, his Divine Chord Gospel Show and 45 Live show on dublab.com are all time. He’s been a vinyl archaeologist for 25 years, unearthing unknown records and bringing them to the masses, who in turn, move their asses. We’re excited to have him in this installment of Big Ups. Sit back and enjoy Mr. Greg Belson’s insightful words."
Jamison Harvey

Read the full interview over at Flea Market Funk HERE

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