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Franka Oroza with Cold Diamond & Mink - Indecision (Timmion)

Franka Oroza with Cold Diamond & Mink

When the postman arrives with a record from Timmion Records your gut instinct is to drop the bowl of cornflakes you have in your hand and proceed to the nearest turntable to play the record from start to finish...again...and again...and again. The latest record to drop on Timmion Records is the efortlessly charming 'Indecision' that bears all the hallmarks of another great release for the Helsinki label. The artist in question is Franka Oroza who alongside the mighty Cold Diamond and Mink players deliver the most perfect folk soul groove. The beautiful 'Indecision' is definitely a forty-five we keep coming back to here at 45 Live Towers. 

From Timmion:

"The musical Oroza bloodline just seems to keep pumping soul music from Finland for the world to hear. Now it's time for Franka to step to the stage and she comes out from the gate swinging with a sublime beat ballad "Indecision". Backed by the faithful Timmion Records house band Cold Diamond & Mink, Franka's folk jazzy vocal stylings seep into fertile ground.

Building from the intro drum roll to the rootsy organ-led groove Franka jumps on the beat with a Joni Mitchell twist and it's immediately apparent that we're in for a treat. The vocal glides effortlessly between firm and delicate tones, perfectly underlining the lyrical content. Franka takes her time in setting the scene, holding a veil before the fact that we're actually listening to a love song.

If all you're looking for is good songwriting with a soulful backbeat, with Franka Oroza you'll get a unique voice to boot. This is another sure shot for all fans of independent downtempo soul from the Timmion stable."