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Freddie Scott - (You) Got What I Need (Be With)

Freddie Scott
(You) Got What I Need
(Be With)

There are those records that you want and there are those records that you absolutely need. The latest 45 from Be With Records, '(You) Got What I Need',  falls in the latter category and for all the reasons you love when you put on a record.  The first official reissue of a stone cold classic soul cut made famous by The Biz in '89 for Cold Chillin' has Freddie Scott laying his heart on a slab with a masterful vocal delivery and a sincere craving that only he can truly articulate. Producer powerhouse duo Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff are behind this undeniable soul staple with writing and arrangement credits and it's this partnership with Scott that make this a trump card in the genre.

Strictly limited to 500 copies, you now have  a chance of preordering the 45 through the label's website here