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Gagle 'Vanta Black' (Mukatsuku)

Gagle / DJ Mitsu The Beats
'Vanta Black' / 'Old Town Uplift'

Most of the time we are concerned with block rockin' dancefloor nuggets here on the 45 Live reviews page, yet there is always space in the play crate for more downtempo 45s for when the mood/vibe is right. So here Mukatsuku, with their strong Japanese connections, brings us another Gagle offering with DJ Mitsu The Beats making yet more gorgeous beats. The A side 'Vanta Black' comes across like a breezy soundtrack to a 60's movie if it was made in the future, the horns and harps immediately conjuring up images of driving a convertible along the French Riviera, with the class percussion, jazzy instrumentation and lovely bass adding the contemporary sugar. It's just a gorgeous slice of pensive and atmospheric music. Meanwhile on the B side, 'Old Town Uplift' continues the jazzy vibes with a luscious production and arrangement to complete this sweet donut. One for the warm-up or cool down and definitely for the mixtape, lovely stuff.

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