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Gallowstreet Feat. Lyma - 52 North (Soul Supreme Remix) (Soul Supreme)

Gallowstreet Feat. Lyma 
52 North (Soul Supreme Remix)
(Soul Supreme)

As we takes strides into another year with the faint hope that the pressing plants favour the independants over the majors we bask in past glories from some of our favourite producers who are forging their own creative paths on their own terms. One producer of distinction is Amsterdam-based, keyboardist, DJ & producer Soul Supreme who's '52 North' remix was criminally overlooked in our 2022 wrap up for whatever reason.  The original, we should mention, from the Dutch eight piece funk powerhouse Gallowstreet featuring the vocal talent of Lyma packs a mighty punch. Leave it up to Soul Supreme thought to bring the ruckus as he takes the Gallowstreet version into the stratosphere. Armed to the teeth with some dancefloor destruction tools, he goes to task beefing up the drums, providing enough energy to compare all the power of Fukushima to a  stuttering feather gently blowing on the ground. It is fair to say that it has been firmly rooted to the playbox since landing at 45 Live HQ.

Out now on Soul Supreme Records. Head over to the Soul Supreme Bandcamp page to scoop up this 45.