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Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away (Becket)

Garfield Fleming
A: Don't Send Me Away 
You Got Dat Right

Ah yes. The unmistakeable voice of Garfield Fleming is very much in full flow on this, without question his signature recording ,entitled 'Don't Send Me Away'.  What must have been going through the heads of the Parisian record stall vendors when they decided to drop the needle on this track only for the man himself to swing by unexpectedly and give it his all for the lucky few who were casually browsing the racks on an otherwise uneventful Parisian afternoon? The unwavering popularity of this track owes so much to Fleming's voice and the production powerhouse at Becket Records. Now at last it's available on a forty-five  at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy.

On the flip, 'You Got Dat Right',  the listener is treated  to another stepper's sureshot by way of a funky bassline and an infectious groove delivered with aplomb by Fleming & Co. that marks this release out as a contender for release of the year just as we approach the time we write our annual wrap up. I can just picture reviewers and bloggers making room high up on the list for this one. Packaged in a full colour Becket Records house sleeve, be sure to grab your copy while you can. Now, you'll have to excuse this reviewer while I rewrite my best of 2019 list to include this gem!