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Gentle - Easy Greasy (Suncut)

Easy Greasy

During these cold and dark evenings we like to have something to look forward to because once Monday rolls around again it feels like eternity until we see nightlife again in the shape of the bright neon lights of the club come Friday. 

It’s lucky for us that the Suncut show on NTS radio helps to make the Mondays something we can all look forward to. For now it’s a fortnightly show but who knows what lies ahead? So every other Monday evening we like to kick back and turn the dial to channel one on NTS radio. It is here that we first discovered, among many other musical delights, the track ‘Easy Greasy’ by Gentle. The show’s host Neal Birnie has been championing this record for some time now and we’re only too happy to see Suncut release the record for the pleasure of the greater population.

This record has been restored and mastered with such care and love by the Carvery Studio professionals following it’s initial release on the Leo Mini label in New York in 1975. 'Easy Greasy’ parts one and two are available now through Juno: