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GO.SOUL.MAP - Right Of Me (Space Echo)

Right Of Me
(Space Echo)

You may recall a few weeks ago when we gave you the scoop on GO.SOUL.MAP’s Balearic mid-tempo feel good forty-five entitled ‘Pushin’. Well, not one to rest on his creative laurels, the producer is back with another sureshot entitled ‘Right Of Me’. That’s right, this one is fresh out the box, coming almost immediately after the single ‘Pushin’. If you’re feelin’ that space bass then we have a real treat for you for the follow up. ‘Right Of Me’ really scratches that itch and sets things up nicely for the long player that’s right around the corner. With the days getting longer and the mood lifts from hibernation mode it’s now prime time for some dance floor heat from GO.SOUL.MAP. The track itself is bass heavy with plenty of synths and punch drums to go around. It’s a resounding yes from us. Listen to the track below ahead of the release of the GO.SOUL.MAP debut LP and purchase after the stream.