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Groove Damoast 'Block Party Turnout' (Soundbite Assassins)

Groove Damoast
'Block Party Turnout' + bonus beats / 'Weekend Cookout' + bonus beats
(Soundbite Assassins)

Hailing from Philadelphia in the United States, Groove Damoast introduces himself in fine style with a total block rockin' BBoy breaks 7". Recorded live and re-rubbed to perfection under the skillful hands of Groove Damoast. The A side 'Block Party Turnout' is dancefloor gold, super clean, super funky wide open breaks, punchy horns, scritchy-scratchy guitar licks, organ and bongos unite wonderously to create the kind of cut that any self-respecting DJ is going to HAVE to have firmly cemented into their play crate. Complete with bonus beats too! The flip slows thing down a touch with an equally crisp number and added bonus beats, but it's all about the A side for this reviewer. The turntablist DJ is going to want 2 copies of this for sure, the creative possibilities with the open vibe of both sides is considerable. Only 1 pressing has been made, don't sleep. 

Buy here: www.groovedamoast.com/product-page/soundbite-assassin-funk-45-7inch-vinyl