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Gunshot - Sulphur (Naked Ape)

(Naked Ape)

Blue flame alert! Naked Ape Records who operate out of Hamburg in Germany have the ear of the 45 Live faithful and have so for a quite a while now. This record label have the knack for releasing records that are not only fresh and exciting in hip hop but important for the preservation of the culture. So when their latest 45 arrived it was a 'stop what you're doing' moment. Housed in a deluxe full colour sleeve, the sulphur coloured vinyl should be handled with kid gloves before placing on the turntable, if only to protect the fingertips from the flammable material contained within the grooves.  As the needle burns through, the message from Gunshot on 'Sulphur' is so eloquently delivered in such a flamboyant upfront manner. It's something that we have now come to expect from each and every Gunshot release.

Breathe it in and head to the Naked Ape Records page to secure your copy today! https://www.nakedape-merch.de/