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Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra 'Wonder Us' (Little Beat More)

Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra
'Wonder Us' / 'Wonder Us - Renegades of Jazz Remix'
(Little Beat More)

The 2nd volume of Little Beat More's 'Veggie Tales' series sees a swing from the hip-hop-swing of The Sweet Life Society on Vol. 1 towards the afrobeat swagger of Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra. A beautifully produced slice of lilting afrobeat resides on the A-side, the sonic stage is set to wide open giving each instrument in the orchestra space to breathe and flex their muscles. It's a slick groove indeed and affords vocalist Haitch a confident soundscape to meander upon, which he does oh so sweetly. Spin the record over to the B and David Hanke aka Renegades Of Jazz, who is no stranger to the sounds of the African continent, has gotten a firm grip and remixed it wonderfully. Giving it a tighter feel, he's added even more space and injected some serious head-nod-ability with a lovely repetitive electric piano riff that gently drives the vibe forward, with the horns taking it in turn to riff and solo over the chugging rhythm section. Quality remix for sure.

On pre-order now and released Oct 9th.

Buy: Bandcamp / Juno