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Hard 2 Obtain - L.I. Groove (F5)

Hard 2 Obtain
A: L.I. Groove
B: A Lil Sumthing

(F5 Records)

Independant label F5 Records shine a fresh light on these unheralded princes of that timeless boom bap era from the mid-90's Hard 2 Obtain. This group from Long Island, New York never got The Source magazine inches that many of their peers were afforded but the quality of the output remains undiminished. If this is your first introduction to the group you'll be scratching your head as to why they didn't get the same shine. Take for example their second single 'L.I. Groove' which F5 Records have chosen to release from the group's only LP 'Ism & Blues'. Grimy and gritty lyricism underpinned with a jazzy hook from Melvin Sparks are key ingredients and what they're servin' up will have you coming back for seconds. It's just as well they have 'A Lil Sumthing' coming up for those with an appetite for beats and rhymes. New Jeruz from The Artifacts leads the charge here as the flavour intensifies. Pull up a chair and tuck in.  

Bust a move to the L.I. Groove and cop your copy today via http://f5records.com/music/hard-2-obtain-l-i-groove-7/