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High end Stones Throw 45s bag

The 45 Travel Bag by Stones Throw & Tanner Goods

Stones Throw have just released a high end 45s bag. VERY limited amount available, 45 of course, which probably reflects in the $325 price tag. Made from quality materials, and looking nice, it's a bag for the style conscious 45 slinger. But, I'm not sure about the way lid/flap opens, I suspect that could become annoying when trying to select records, you'd probably end up just taking the whole lot out of the bag when DJing. So maybe this is more of a 'digging' bag, more suited to transporting records unearthed on your travels instead of a fully fledged working DJ bag. Still, it is a nice thing! If you like it, best act fast.

Buy here: https://www.stonesthrow.com/store/accessories/stones-throw/stones-throw-x-tanner-goods-45-bag

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