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How Long to find a 45?

How long to find a 45?

I was on a tour of the US a long time ago and a mad thing happened (relating to a 45 of course!). So I was on a plane circling around Philadelphia waiting to land and I'm thinking 'wow, Philly, the city of Cheesesteaks, DJ Cash Money, The Hilltop Hustlers, The Phil- La Soul label, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Cosmic Kev and of course the Philadelphia International label'. This got me thinking 'mmmm, what would be the 45 on Philly Int records that I would really want?...thinking...'oh I know The Futures 'Aint No Time Fa Nothing' would be nice'. This 45 had always eluded me and as that plane was still circling around I thought 'surely there must be loads of copies of that on 45 down there?'. Could I find one in the one day I'm in town I wondered?. Anyway we landed, got taken to the hotel, sourced the yellow pages, off to record store for a quick pre gig digging session..........I think it was less than 3 hours from looking at Philly from above and there it was!... Aint No Time Fa Nothing by The Futures. You gotta love digging in the US!