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Jackie Wilson - Light My Fire (De La Soul Flip Edit)

Jackie Wilson / The Supremes 
Light My Fire (De La Soul Flip Edit)  / The Happening (Soul Flip Edit) 
(Soul Flip)

If ever there is a crew to lead us back into the clubs with a spring in our step and an air of anticipation for what the future holds it's the Soul Flip crew. On this their twelfth forty-five release they present two suprise nuggets from the creative Soul Flip hub that has so far produced heat rocks that have a proven track record in the clubs. This release should prove to have the same effect once it makes it's way into the ear canals of the Soul Flip faithful. On 'Light My Fire' , Del Gazeebo gets his mits on the stems on the classic Jackie Wilson cut and works wonders with a nod to the ego trippin' Long Island dwellers. Over on the flip, the producer laces the classic cut from The Supremes with those infectious Soul Flip drums to bring 'The Happening' bang up to date to make this the sound of Summer 2021.  Throw open the doors! Summer's here and we now have the soundtrack for the occasion. Out now on strictly limited forty-five from Bandcamp.