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Jay Airiness - A (45 Loves)

Jay Airiness - Venice Beach
'A' / 'AA'
(45 Loves)

Looking for that secret weapon 45 to spruce up the wilting dancefloor? Enter producer Jay Airiness who delivers with aplomb on this dancefloor devouring forty-five that is out now on the 45 Loves label. 'A' is just that, an A rated DJ friendly cut that will take residence in any record box of DJs who like to keep the floor busy.

Over on the flip, the torch is passed to Parisian dynamic duo Venice Beach on 'AA' who take The Doors to task and merge rock and disco in such a way that even the more seasoned jock will be smiling from ear to ear once they wrap their lugholes around this track.

This essential hand stamped 45, numbered to just 200 copies and selling quickly from what we've been told is a must have. The distinctive house sleeve was designed by French artist Didier Clain to round off what is a nice package. Head over to the 45 Love Bandcamp page or selected Parisian record shops like Betino Records and  Music Avenue to secure your copy today.