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Jerry Washington - 'Don't Waste My Time' (Suncut)

Jerry Washington & Timmy Thomas
A: Jerry Washington  'Don't Waste My Time' 
B: Timmy Thomas  'It's What They Can't See'
(Suncut Records)

Suncut Records have slipped into the habit of releasing consistently high grade certified soul treasures that perhaps at their time of release (or in some cases never commercially released at all), were criminally overlooked. Let's just hope it's a habit that they find very hard to  break. Cherry picking from King Henry Stone's  Glades back catalogue is an undertaking that the label were only too happy to take on and upon listening it’s easy to hear why this might have been a true labour of love. Their latest release has Jerry Washington’s ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ on one side and Timmy Thomas  'It's What They Can't See' on the flip. Our 'long time want' list just got a little shorter.

Available today at http://www.suncutrecords.com/.