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Jim Sharp feat. Marlon Craft ' Made' (See23)

Jim Sharp feat. Marlon Craft
'Made' / 'Made remix'
(See23 Records)

You know it when something is right, just a couple of beats kick by and your quality control radar is triggered. And so it is here with Jim Sharp's new joint 'Made'.

Teaming up with rapper Marlon Craft, this ridiculously talented duo has laid down nothing but a-cut-above tracks that Preemo and Guru would have been proud of had it stemmed from there.

Soaked in jazz vibes and phat rubbery beats n' bass, enhanced up with the sweetest cuts, the musical journey here is complete. There's nothing anyone could add or take away to make it better, the flow just flows! It's even arranged with the DJ in mind with an extended outro. Flip over for a super-nice remix with cut-up strings adding the panache over the vibraphone and horns of the A side.

A wonderful new hip-hop 45 that pays homage and strives forward in equal measure, this will surely fly.

Buy from 3/3/23: Bandcamp

Check a sound clip here: Instagram