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Jim Sharp - Lucifa (Black Buffalo)

Jim Sharp
Lucifa / Bam Bam
(Black Buffalo)

If, for whatever reason or another, you're not hip to the sounds of the mighty Jim Sharp here's a quick recap. Member of the Dusty Donuts DJ crew, producer of the cleverest blends for a stack of labels and all-time party rocker on the one's and two's. Got it? Good! The producer flexes his red, gold and green muscle, putting his stamp on two of the finest JA cuts on this heavy forty-five on Canada's Black Buffalo Records. Strictly niceness guaranteed once the needle hits the groove. Jim Sharp has underpinned the larger than life JA vocal with his signature tuff drums and the result is another sureshot to add to this man's arsenal. The rep grows bigger...and bigger...and BIGGER! Hot step it over to the Black Buffalo Records website to secure your copy today. ‘Lucifa' and ‘Bam Bam’ confirm for us Jim Sharp's status and demonstrates why he is at the top of his game and showing little sign of moving down the gears.

Listen to both tracks on the Black Buffalo Records website and order after the stream.


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