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Jim Sharp - The Man (Soul Dynamite)

Jim Sharp
A: The Man
B: 6 Million Drummer Get Wicked

(Soul Dynamite)

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. The man in question, with the masterplan blueprint under his arm, is Dusty Donuts' very own Jim Sharp. Known for fuel injection party 45s to summon the deceased, Jim has joined forces with Sofia label Soul Dynamite to add to their catalogue of 45s which we've had the pleasure of reviewing right here in the past. 

'The Man' has all the trademark Jim Sharp ingredients that are a feature of his production for labels like Dusty Donuts and Sip The Juice. So expect the funky drum roll, the clever sample selection and the goose bumpin' bassline thumpin' low end. '6 Million Drummer Get Wicked' is literally that on wax. But the beauty of this record is they sound like one drummer thanks to some clever studio tricks adopted by Mr. Sharp. One that will live long in the crates of DJ's who know their onions when it comes to keeping them dancing. 

Limited to just 350 copies in black and emerald green, available now from the Soul Dynamite Bandcamp page