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Jim Sharp - What's Happenin' (Black Buffalo)

Jim Sharp
A. What's Happenin'
B. Eazy

(Black Buffalo)

Never ones to rest on their laurels Black Buffalo Records are constantly innovating and bringing their ever expanding roster of artists to a wider audience. They keep it moving. Well today we present to you an absolute stunner from one of our favourite producers in the game Jim Sharp. Jim Sharp is one of the original Dusty Donuts and has released music on the aforementioned label aswell as Mountain 45s, Soul By The Pound, Soul Dymanite and Private Stock Records to name just a few. I mean, there’s countless labels out there that wish to sign him up. Black Buffalo Records have a rich pedigree and wasted no time in bringing Jim into the fold. The fruits of which are a clutch of heat rocks for the Canadian label. Both ‘What’s Happenin’’ and ‘Eazy’ confirm for us the producers status and demonstrate the producers at the top of his game and showing little sign of moving down the gears. Another Jim Sharp sureshot for the crates!

Listen to both tracks on the Black Buffalo Record web shop and order after the stream.