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Jorun Bombay - Edit's Theme (Soundweight)

Jorun Bombay
A: Edit's Theme
B: Editing Gears


Jorun Bombay continues to dominate the listener’s ears with his latest 45 for Soundweight Records. It’s no understatement to say this Halifax, Nova Scotia producer does not for one second rest once he’s handed over his latest opus to the record label. It’s simply on with the next project and with his high energy workflow you’d be incorrect to suggest any waning in the workmanship. He’s going from strength to strength with each release with leads us to this double sider.

You see, Jorun Bombay has a real knack for finding the right track to remix or edit and with every release you hear the hallmarks of his hip hop DJ culture roots that have shaped and moulded his productions. This knowledge of what works so well sonically serve to fortify what's already a strong catalogue of recorded music to begin with. 

This is another Jorun Bombay sureshot! Preorder today over at the Soundweight Records website:  https://soundweightrecords.bigcartel.com/product/jorun-bombay-edits-theme-editing-gears-pre-order

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