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Jorun Bombay 'Engine Dub Number 9' (Fresh Pressings)

Jorun Bombay
'Engine Dub Number 9' / 'Opening Act feat. Emskee'
(Fresh Pressings)

Canadian beat meister Jorun Bombay is back with a super fresh donut featuring 2 no brainer cuts for the floor. The Wilson Picket classic gets a spaced-out dub mix in the shape of 'Engine Dub Number 9', expertly done with wide-open beats and space echo perfection, a slick early doors groover. Meanwhile on the flip NY wordsmith Emskee sounds as freash as ever on 'Opening Act'. The sound clips are too painfully short to be able to give a decent review, but they sound good enough to me to hit 'buy now'! Jorun Bombay fans will no doubt snap it up.

Buy: Juno