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Jstar meets Max RubaDub - Dem Nah Ready (Jstar)

Jstar meets Max RubaDub
Dem Nah Ready ft. Crosbie

Oh yes!This one has caught us completely off guard as we still have Jstar's last magnum opus 'Warrior' on heavy rotation at 45 Live towers. So when the latest 45 from the producer lands it's a 'stop what you're doing' moment. 

Jstar and Max Rubadub link up with Crosbie to provide the sound that will prove to be the greatest threat to climate change. We're talkin' blazin' carbon footprints from these hot steppers on a mammoth scale!

The dibby dibby sound gets buried six feet under thanks to the musical saviour parnership of Jstar and Crosbie. Big! Leaving the soundboy fi dead, it's the triumphant return of Jstar. Head straight to the Bandcamp page for some 45 action.