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Jungle Fire - Together (F-Spot)

Jungle Fire
Togther / Movin' On

We take you now to deepest Los Angeles, (Trópico Union Studios to be precise) where our heroes are cooking up dancefloor alchemy that will jump start the deceased and give a thousand gigawatt energy shock jolt to those heading for the dancefloor. The band of course is Jungle Fire and a mere mention of the name in public triggers the deepest emotions in the most reserved of gentle folk. They have bestowed on the word a colossal double-sider that will fly out of any self respecting recording emporium once word gets out. Here is what the label F-Spot had to say:

"Originally released as a digital single only available through Jungle Fire's Bandcamp page in the summer of 2020, their version of the Ray Barretto Latin Funk classic "Together" was put out in support of Black Lives Matter and acknowledgment that African culture has been the backbone, soul and spirit of societal fabric since the dawn of humanity. A song whose message and spirit always united and ignited the audience, it was a much-needed offering to fans at a time of escalated urgency in the sociopolitical climate. Now in 2023, F-Spot Records is proud to announce its official vinyl release alongside a previously unreleased track, "Movin' On" (originally written by Brass Construction and covered by Ray Camacho), on the flip.

Often performing "Together" during their live shows as an instrumental interlude, it was only right to do the song justice by inviting long-time collaborator and frequent F-Spot featured singer Jamie Allensworth to join on lead vocals. Performing as a guest with the band numerous times and being a part of So-Cal's funk and soul community ranging from Orgone, Night Owls, and Mestizo Beat, Allensworth delivers a high-energy performance that keeps up with Jungle Fire's signature sound of blazing percussion, heavy beats, and fuzzed out guitars. On side B Allensworth is featured again, stepping up the energy even more into the full-on Latin Funk party, "Movin' On." Cut at a faster tempo and more drive than the original, Jungle Fire is the only group we can think of that can deliver this kind of performance, matched with Allensworth's gritty yet soulful lead, to bring you two sides of serious heat that the band has consistently brought over the past decade.

Listen to both tracks below and order from Bandcamp.