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Junior Dell & The D-Lites - Jump Around (Original Gravity)

Junior Dell & The D-Lites 
Jump Around

(Original Gravity)

If you pick up a newspaper today you might be led to believe that armageddon a g'wan. Nothing but impending doom and gloom is being printed. Well, in what could be the soundtrack of resistance to current affairs Junior Dell & The D-Lites have penned this rambunctious reggae cover that oozes charm and indeed sparks optimism through creativity. Junior Dell's effortless vocal stylings are complimented by a tuff riddim coursing through the track that serves as a topical backdrop to fight against the times we're now living in and have fun! Originally recorded in 1992 by DJ Muggs, new life has been injected into the Fine Malt Lyrics and the results we can now share with you through the stream below. Flip the 45 over for Prince Deadly's dub version. Strictly niceness guaranteed!Now get out ya seat and purchase a copy!