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Junior Dell & The D-Lites - Praise You (Original Gravity)

Junior Dell & The D-Lites
Praise You
(Original Gravity)

For those living under an enormous rock for the past few weeks it’s time to open your senses to the mighty, mighty sounds of Junior Dell and his delightful band of men he affectionately refers to as The D-Lites. Not content with laurel resting after unleashing their dutty ‘Jump Around’ excursion, it’s Fatboy who is in their crosshairs for another reggae sureshot adventure created for maximum dancefloor jiration.

For 'Praise You' Junior Dell & The D-Lites take the tempo right down to skanking territory for great effect on this reggae version. It’s a delightful JA take on a big beat favourite. Original Gravity Records come correct once again with the goods on forty-five. High praise indeed. We have to wonder what's next for Junior Dell & The D-Lites? Surely there's so much more to come? Here's hoping. In the meantime, head over to the Original Gravity Bandcamp after the stream to secure on of the last remaining copies today.