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Junior Dell & The D-Lites - Street Tuff (Original Gravity)

Junior Dell & The D-Lites
Street Tuff
(Original Gravity)

If for some reason or other you have not had the pleasure of resting the needle on the groove of a Junior Dell & The D-Lites record then you're missing out on one of life's charms. This London crew have been giving us all the feels thanks to their infectious reggae cover versions for the Original Gravity label. 'Street Tuff' is a call to arms to get back to the the spirit of the dance and it's clear that on the strength of this release the party is just gettin' started. Junior Dell & The D-Lites get right into it with a glorious reworking of the Rebel MC track. This is a mighty boss reggae version that hits the spot in typical Junior Dell fashion.  Check out a stream of the track below, and buy the record on the label's Bandcamp page. More seven inch pressure out of the Original Gravity camp once again.