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King Most - Rhythm Rug (My Favorite Edit Ever) (Heat Rock)

A: King Most - Rhythm Rug (My Favorite Edit Ever)
B: Altered Tapes - Ego Drip (Outta This Horn Remix)

(Heat Rock)

Heat Rock Records who operate out of their Chicago hub continue to churn out quality releases on the portable format of choice. On this daisy aged release they hand the keys to producers King Most and Altered Tapes both of whom we've develeloped serious crushes for over the years it must be said.

King Most brings the Tribe vibes with a little help from Fela and James on 'Rhythm Rug (My Favorite Edit Ever)' and the result is a track that  flows in layers so perfectly we can see this becoming something of a favourite for DJ's from all backgrounds. With no exaggeration this could be your favourite edit ever! Meanwhile Altered Tapes delivers a broken beat jazz fuelled groove that does wonders for the mental state thanks to some super nice drum programming and an ear for what's golden on 'Ego Trip (Outta This Horn Remix)'.

Head over to the Heat Rock Bandcamp page for the goods.