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Korpifunk 'Lickin' Lips' (Perfect Toy)

'Lickin' Lips' / 'Raindogs'
(Perfect Toy)

Some fine quality funk from Finland is dropping soon on Perfect Toy Records. The uniquely named Korpifunk (maybe some meaning in Finnish?) have come together after many years working individually within a load of other bands and musical projects, and you can certainly hear the pedigree and experience in these 2 polished-yet-raw low-slung funk jams. Using a mix of live instrumentation and then adding post production loops and samples, the results bridge the gap between the swing of a live band and the tight vibes of a fully quantized beats production. Shades of Afro funk underpin the faultless vocal delivery and unique style of singer Toni Koskipuro on the A side 'Lickin' Lips', a killer warm up joint if I ever heard one and I can tell that it will sound super-phat on a big rig! The flip 'Raindogs' picks up the tempo and treads the boards of funk, Afro and jazz rock. Special mention to Toni Lamberg for some fabulous bass playing too. Top work.

Released: 18th August 2017 - Buy on Juno Records