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Leather Mukatsuku 45s bag

Mukatsuku leather 45s bag
(Mukatsuku Records)

The 45rpm 7" bag wars enters a new phase with this brand new premium soft leather 45s bag from Nik Weston at Makatsuku Records in London. Manufactured by British craftsmen in the UK!

This 7" record bag with the embossed Mukatsuku logo is made from vintage soft brown leather and comes with adjustable leather strap, padded top flaps with zips to hold money, needles or adapters.

Nik says, "the process took 9 months of nagging…nagging… nagging…meetings… nagging…meetings" to get the bag from concept to finished product, dealing with a very artistic designer. But the wait looks worth it, a lovely bag to transport a decent set lenth of 45s with you, holding up to 80 x 45s. Glad to see the top opening isn't encumbered by anything allowing easy access, unlike some other small bags around.



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