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Les Tres Femmes 'Listen To Your Mama' (Phil LA of Soul - Brewerytown Beats)

Les Tres Femmes
'Listen To Your Mama'
(Phil-L.A. of Soul - Brewerytown Beats)

Woah! A new one to this reviewers ears...awesome sister funk right here, no doubt. A quick google doesn't really unearth much info about this singer/band, and it looks like only two 45s were recorded by them, and that's it. Saying that I do kind of recognise that voice, I'm faily confident that if I dug out all my sister funk/soul 45s, there would be a match in there as surely a voice as raw as this would have been in demand. Anyways, this is big, bold and funky as you like. Getting the Brewerytown remix via Tom Moulton, and again with a bonus instrumental on the B Side.

Available NOW, don't sleep.

BUY HERE: http://www.brewerytownbeats.com/