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Los Angeles Soul Allnighter pt. 3 on dublab.com - Archived Session!

Presented by Greg Belson, dublab & 45Live....here's the recorded archive of the 3rd in a series of landmark broadcasts that went live on dublab.com on 31st July 2020.

The mother of online 'nighters, the LOS ANGELES SOUL ALLNIGHTER pt. 3 took flight with the following runners and riders. Check the schedule for approximate set timings;

Greg Belson – Intro set - (LA, USA)
Sean Haydon - (Walsall, UK)
Alfredo ‘DJ Arnold’ Maddaloni - (Salerno, Italy)
Samuel Hugosson - (Stockholm, Sweden)
John Manship - (Melton Mowbray, UK)
Greg Belson - (LA, USA)
Yusuke Ogawa - (Tokyo, Japan)
Matt Fox - (Cologne, Germany)
Mamabear - (LA, USA)
Greg Belson – Outro set - (LA, USA)

Expect rare soul in all its guises, gospel, funk, r&b, modern & late night disco!

Also, check out pts. 1 & 2 featuring a clutch of deep DJ's from around the globe.

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