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Lospoboycitos 'King Of Latin Soul (HUBBZ mix)' (Bubbascope)

Lospoboycitos /Ray & His Court
'King Of Latin Soul (HUBBZ mix)' / 'De Eso Nada Monada (HUBBZ Mix)'

This actually came out in 2015 (but came in the package of rekkids from MSLX in Canada recently, so reviewing it anyway!). I've always known that a D&B remix of 'King of Latin Soul' is an obvious choice, and actually made one myself a few years back just for my own DJ sets, but where mine sampled the original Joey Pastrana recording , HUBBZ works with the band Lospoboycitos who cover the track which in turn gets the D&B rerub, building from the latin vibe into straight up D&B beats, nicely done.

Buy here: https://bubbascope.bandcamp.com/track/lospoboycitos-king-of-latin-soul-hubbz-7-mix