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Magic Number - Good Morning Sunshine (Atjazz)

Magic Number
Good Morning Sunshine

We are of the firm belief that when there is a new release on Atjazz Records, the world needs to stand up and take note. Latest signing Magic Number AKA Ross Hillard ticks every conceivable box for us with ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ that we have constructed some new boxes for us to tick. The man is the embodiment of versatility, doing a variety of releases with a variety of artists, plus collaborations in the soul, funk, jazz and house genres. The driving uplifting vocal powerhouse we hear on this track is from Sophia Marshall who’s previous output for The Havenots on Cooking Vinyl Records first turned us on to her vocal talents. This right here is a perfect match. We have to hand it to Magic Number who’s instinct for turning out a fresh new cut makes him someone we always check for. It’s another must have Atjazz forty-five. ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ is a track that will be in your head all day. 

On foot of the upcoming LP entitled 'Badly Written Songs' we can bask in the glory of this beautiful forty-five out now on Atjazz Records.