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Main Source - Looking At The Front Door (Mr Bongo)

Main Source
Looking At The Front Door 

(Mr Bongo)

Mr Bongo continue to fly the flag high in terms of holy grail hip hop records on 45 and they show no signs of pulling the plug on their quest to give the people what they want. It seems they have listened to Joe Public who have time and time again shouted in frustration "ENOUGH!!" when faced with the dilemma of sellling a lung to purchase an original copy of the record of their desire on an original pressing. In swoop Mr Bongo once again to save the day. On their latest quest they present Main Source's 'Looking At The Front Door' from the group's modern masterpiece 'Breaking Atoms' from 1991. A tale of love and the daily perils of a young man's besotted existance, it remains a standout track in an era when production values were at an all time high in hip hop. On the flip, another single release is featured. 'Watch Roger Do His Thing' has our heroes in classic storytelling mode that would give the Jackanory team a run for their money. And now, for the very first time on 45 comes this beautifully packaged full colour double sider that you really ought to seek out post haste. Available now from the Mr Bongo website.