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Mako And Mr Bristow 'Uptight Boss' (Mojan)

Mako And Mr Bristow
'Uptight Boss' / 'Beg For A Dollar'

When Toots proclaimed that Reggae got soul in 1976, he was obviously foretelling the prophecy of Mojan...:)

Of course, he wasn't, but reggae certainly does have soul, and in this instance, it's because Messrs Mako and Bristow have acted upon the common mistake of people thinking that their label Stank Soul Edits was SKANK Soul Edits!

So fusing the sounds of Trojan with the vocals of Motown, they have begun what could possibly be a series of rubber dub soul mashups that DJs and dancers are bound to like.

First up Stevie Wonder's 'Uptight' fits beautifully over a classic skanker, everything perfectly in key and harmonic. And no doubt it's more than just a mashup, I'm sure some slick arrangement and twiddling n' tweaking has brought the best out of this musical marriage (sound clips on Kudos link below). I can see this going down very very well on the dancefloors!

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