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Markey Funk - Delights vs. Audio Montage

Delights is Jerusalem based musician, DJ and producer Markey Funk’s record label and for the first release in three years he brings us two remixes that have us impatiently bringing the needle back to the start over and over again once it reaches the run out groove. The lead track is his remix of Radio Trip’s Computer’s Singing. There’s enough drums here to please the b-boys and b-girls but at the same time giving a friendly nod to the psych funk fraternity.

With Markey’s remix of Left’s Ghost, he delivers a macabre breakbeat tale that takes the listener into the deepest, darkest recesses of the ear canals. It’s a frantically charged psych excursion that demands you to stay awake and listen to this record all night long and never, ever go to sleep. 

Available to purchase today via the widget below.