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Masked Ball Review May 2015

12 totally rockin' hours of 45's at The Masked Ball, May 2nd 2015

This weekend just gone saw the very first full 45 Live night at the infamous Masked Ball event, set on the clifftops down in deepest Cornwall, UK. A selection of the 45 Live crew came down, Andy Smith, Boca 45, Ollie teeba and Pete Isaac, and joined by Alex and Ollie from Cornwall, and proceeded to rock the spot from 6pm til 6am! There were some extra little special guest spots too from Mr Thing and Dom Servini, at least I think there was! (I was running 2 stages so was all over the shop all night!!) It was an absolutely amazing night. Especially as we got to build the giant 45rpm single tent entrance that you walked through to get in, such a joy! We also made 20 giant 45s to hang around the tent which looked really really great. This was exactly what we imagined when we set up 45 Live so we are very pleased indeed, and the plan is to roll this out to many more festivals here in the UK and beyond. Now we know it works so well, and people love the whole concept, we envisage 2016 to be the year it goes off (we were a bit late to secure festivals for this year). Saying that, we'll have a couple of announcemnets soon :)

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Pictures courtesy of Cara Griffiths
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