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Mat The Alien - Whisper Soul (Mat The Alien)

Matt The Alien
A: Whsiper Soul
B: Party And Bullshit

(Matt The Alien)

Beam me up Scotty, I control your body. Your limbs on this occasion are at the mercy of Mat The Alien. The truth is out there on where exactly Mat The Alien calls home but one thing is for sure and trust me when I say that what's on offer here is not of this world.

Caron Wheeler gets hoovered up into the stratosphere to provide vocals to some new stripped down percussion on “Whisper Soul” but that classic horn blast on the original remains.

Now geography was never my strongest subject in school but I’d like to imagine his home is somewhere close to the pearly gates and both he and Christopher Wallace concocted this remix together in some interstellar lab. Extra-terrestrials need to let off a bit of steam too and on 'Party And Bullshit' he’s provided the bassline that will give goosebumps to each and every Earthling.  

Now I urge you to get a life and cop this 45 today from the international space station shop before they’ve all been scooped up. http://matthealien.bigcartel.com/product/dnky-breaks-limited-dj-45-7-vinyl-db-1

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