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MC RYT - Cheer Song (Beats House)

Cheer Song
(Beats House)

Well now, here’s one to absolutely cheer about! With much fanfare we can finally announce the latest forty-five from well, it has to said one of our favourite producers who’s output to date has included some bona fide sure shot releases on his Beats House Records imprint many of which command princely sums on the shark-infested secondary vinyl market. In fact, we’ve got the bite marks to prove that the secondary market for Djar One 45s is not a place for the faint of heart. Save yourself a trip to A&E and get ahead of the game by securing a pre-order is our advice. So without further ado let’s crack on. On this release, our hero Djar One enlists the talents of Japanese rhyme sayer MC RYT from the Serpat Crew who makes his mission to deliver over an upfront Djar One beat. It's what we have come to expect from Djar One who's trademark hard as nails drums are the perfect match for MC RYT to wax lyrical over. What we have here is an upfront fast rap party cut that ticks all the boxes. Take note though, it's a limited release with only 200 copies pressed. Pre-order opens on April 1st from the Beats House Bandcamp.