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Memphis 45's mixed by DJ Greg Belson @ Eight & Sand, Memphis - February 2020

In early February 2020, Greg Belson visited Memphis TENN to hit the crates & dig deep into the well of unbelievable music created in that legendary city.

He arrived with an empty record box when after 1 day in to the dig, received an invite from 2 of the key players at this premo new DJ spot to play a set on the following Saturday.

Pretty cool...3 days to dig out the goodness with a final 1 hour showcase at the weekend!

Greg didn’t want to pillage the mighty Stax catalog as I know the local folks will have that on lock…..he wanted to mine the soul of gospel labels Designer, D-Vine Spirituals, Philwood & Prabay, whilst seeking out some soul & funk rarities next to the cheaper, overlooked business.

It was a wild trip putting this together, & Greg ended up over running my allotted set time by 25 minutes! Thanks so much to Eight and Sand @ The Central Station Hotel, Otis Shredding, Memphi$ Jones, McLemore, Daniel Mathis, Zac @ Goner & the rest of the crew that made this one pretty special.