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Men Of North Country - Magic (Time Warp Remix) (Delights)

A: Men Of North Country - Magic (Time Warp Remix)
B: 3421 - Sparks (Spatioport Remix)


Here's some news to brighten up your day. The Delights record label is wrapping up 2020 with a new 45, featuring two archive remixes from producer Markey Funk's volts from 2013. The A side features local Israeli band Men Of North Country with their track 'Magic'. Featuring a large helping of some bold brass, frenetic drums and a taste for the psychedelic embedded in each note, the band take you on a helter skelter ride so strap in a for a musical journey like no other. On the flip, another Israeli band 3421 deliver on 'Sparks' and it's another incendiary fast paced track delivered for the label. Underpinned by the haunting Hammond meanderings and a strong vocal output by vocalist Shuzin, the remix catapults this track skyward thanks to Markey Funk's trademark Delights sound.

Available now from the Bandcamp page. Go!