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Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing - Klingon Face Remix (Village Live)

Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing
Klingon Face Remix
(Village Live)

Village Live Records are back with a super new posse cut that will leave all other rappers eating dust as the gas face is replaced with the 'Klingon Face'. Fans of that upfront rap are in for a treat here. Back in 2018 Micall Parkinsun & Mr. Thing released their celebrated LP ‘Finish What We Started’  and it's from this LP that this clutch of remixes comes from. The original players on ‘Klingon Face’ (Parky, Mr. Thing & Joker Starr) are joined by rap heavyweights Jehst and Essa here and it's safe to say they all combine to go IN! Out goes the hook and any prisoners and what's left is the meat and bones fast rap feast for the senses. From the listener's perspective, it's a struggle to keep pace with the MC's as the word bullets come flying from the mouths of this all star cast. 

On the flip, we are treated to the remix of '8 Bricks' track that was originally a digital only bonus track but begged a forty-five release. Producer Mr. Thing teams up with lyricist Melanin 9 for a spacey moody cut that engages the listener in a different way but leaves none of that potency delivered in the original behind.

Out now on Village Live Records in a limited run of 300 forty-fives pressed up. Shop HERE.