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Michael Rault 'I'll Be There' (Wick)

Michael Rault
'I'll Be There' / 'Sleep With Me'

Early last year, Scott Boca sent me a link to the new Michael Rault LP 'It's A New Day Tonight' with a simple line saying "listen to this, its brilliant", as one to always trust his judgement I immediately hit play and immediately it became one of my favourite albums of 2018. Rault's songwriting is just sublime, drawing on the sun-drenched 70s rock sound of 10CC, The Beatles, ELO, Wings and the like yet embedding the sound very much in 'now', kinda like Beck, Rault is a rare beast that captures echos of the past at the same time as driving forward in equal measure, with spectacular results. Sonically speaking, it's recorded at Daptone Studios in Brooklyn, so naturally its sounds wonderful too. So now Daptone/Wick have decided to release a 45 with 2 cuts from the album, kicking off with the lead track 'I'll Be There', the track that sets the scene for the whole LP perfectly, it's a polished gem of a song that will certainly find its way into my DJ sets. Daptone themselves say "...with a heavy groove not unlike...dare we say...Led Zeppelin?", yeah, I get that 100%, the drums are large, and the guitar parts definitely have echos of Jimmy Page. Light and shade was the ethos of Page and Plant, and Rault certainly captures it in this and all of his work. The flip 'Sleep With Me' is totally Lennon and a beautiful string-laden dream, just gorgeous, although I wish the flip was 'New Day Tonight', which features the best tremolo I've ever heard! If you're new to Michael Rault, then just go out and buy the LP too.

Pre-order/buy: Daptone Shop / Juno