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Mighty Mocambos - Live At JAM PDM! (Mocambo)

Mighty Mocambos
Live At JAM PDM! 

The high kings of the funk scene, Germany's Mighty Mocambos unleash the heavy, heavy monster sound with this double dose of live funk captured in a bottle earlier on in the year. During the JAM PDM! breakdance battle back in February the group recorded two brand new tracks straight to 8-track tape and the results have now been pressed on to wax for the wider world (outside of Fabrik Potsdam that is), to savour. On the A side, 'Arabesque Breakin' Suite', the stage is set for all the b-boys and b-girls to work the floor with Mighty Mocambos providing the nutcrackin' drum breaks and masterful arrangements. On the flip, they cover 'Theme From Beverley Hills Cop' and approach it with the usual Mocambo gusto that we have come to know and love. The group are certainly closing out the year on the good foot!

Unstick the banana from your tail pipe, get up off your arse and visit your local bricks and mortar record emporium to get a slice of the action. Failing that, head to the Bandcamp page to secure your copy today.