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Mini Rig Awesomeness!

Bluetooth Minirigs have arrived

In the words of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, "everything is better with Bluetooth", and so it is with pretty much the best portable speaker on the market. Now you can connect your device without wires and crank out some tunes on the beach, poolside or, well, anywhere really for up to 50 hours before having to recharge the speaker. Each single speaker boasts 100db peak output, whilst the sub woofer speaker is a 30w tube of warm bass crunching joy. I first heard a Minirig at camapsite in France a couple of years ago, just the single speaker, and was thoroughly impressed with the sound. Much better than the little plastic £30 ones I had. Then more recently I heard the holy trinity of portable speakers, the full Minirig set up of stereo speakers with sub. The sound quality is absolutely superb to put it bluntly. I wonder if you could rig up some decks and a mixer to have full on party at the beach? Oh wait, there's no plug sockets at the beach....

Made in Bristol, these speakers exude quality and the understated design adds yet more gravitas to the product. No need for flashy styling, graphics etc, just functional design that, through the power of it's own ends, does exactly what it says on the (anodised aluminium) tin. It's not exactly cheap for the complete set up (around £409), but the beauty is you can buy in stages so you're not laying out all the cash in one go, and you'll get quality sound at every stage. Of course the final result is AMAZING sound!

I'm saving my pennies now that the Bluetooth version is out, no holiday is going to be complete without one of these.

Buy single speaker here
Buy full stereo package with sub base here

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