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Mister Mushi - Masai Mobb (Mushi 45)

Mister Mushi
Masai Mobb
(Mushi 45)

Hitting the sweet spot is always a guarantee when the needle hits the groove on a forty-five that comes from Japan's Mister Mushi. Very little is known about this elusive producer but what we do know is that with each release it's always a guaranteed sureshot as far as we're concerned. Which brings us nicely along to his latest funky edit 'Masai Mobb' . The merging of QB's finest over the JB hook will surely ignite the dancefloor thanks to an infectious horn section and funky guitar lick that allows the Mobb to wax lyrical in their own style and fashion. Mister Mushi applies the final touches and voila! We have on our hands another Mushi must-have. The DJ friendly wax features an instrumental version on the flip for some back and forth action.

Strictly limited to 300 copies, 'Masai Mobb' is now available from Juno Records.