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'Heavy Tint'

Cast your mind back to a feeling you had as a kid when you watched something scary on the telly that you probably should have waited another ten years to watch (or perhaps wish you’d never clapped eyes on at all). Something so bone chillingly macabre that it stays with you as you lay your head on the pillow and close your eyes, slightly shivering, at least mentally, from the experience. This record perfectly encapsulates that moment. It is the first release from  Brighton’s MNP, which comprises of Robin Mallon on drums, Simon Hill on bass and Toby Sendall on guitar. Jerusalem’s Markey Funk provides the extra cobwebs, effects and mischievous psychedelia. Limited to just 300 copies, save yourself nightmares about missing out on this 45 and purchase today!

Buy here: https://delights.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-tint-dip-dab-apdlt007